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GFOUK™ Tactical High Power 25,000,000v Pen

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Ensure your safety, no matter where you are.

The GFOUK™ Tactical High Power 25,000,000v Pen features an exclusive design that makes it look just like a real pen. Despite being the size of an actual pen, this potent Taser pen delivers 25,000,000 volts (0.89 microcoulombs) of electricity to immobilize attackers in an instant. It's lightweight, weighing only 3.2 ounces, and emits a loud crackle upon activation, deterring any assailant from approaching you. 

Strong self-defense: Firing the stun pen into the air is often sufficient to deter an attacker. 

Prioritize safety during uncertain times! 


An essential, powerful self-defense tool 

    The size of a regular pen, yet more powerful than most stun guns on the market. A test shot in the air is often sufficient to deter an attacker. 

    Easy to conceal 

      The lightweight, streamlined design of the tactical stick provides you with discreet protection, making it the best self-defense option for women. You can easily conceal your high-voltage, high-tech self-defense pen in a backpack, purse, or pocket. 

      The stun pen is portable and disguised as a real pen to keep your hidden stun gun close always

      Rechargeable stun gun

      This stun gun for women comes with a built-in plug for recharging. The Reax self-defense stun gun features a high-quality internal battery and is fully rechargeable, eliminating the need to buy expensive batteries. The battery remains charged for 30-45 days unless you use it.

      Mini taser uses micro usb charging and includes cable for your pen taser for personal protection
      GFOUK™ Tactical High Power 25,000,000v Pen

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