• Wormwood Detox Sauna Steam Pads
  • Wormwood Detox Sauna Steam Pads
  • Wormwood Detox Sauna Steam Pads
  • Wormwood Detox Sauna Steam Pads
  • Wormwood Detox Sauna Steam Pads
  • Wormwood Detox Sauna Steam Pads
  • Wormwood Detox Sauna Steam Pads
  • Wormwood Detox Sauna Steam Pads
  • Wormwood Detox Sauna Steam Pads
  • Wormwood Detox Sauna Steam Pads

Wormwood Detox Sauna Steam Pads

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Relieve Swelling with Warming From Nature

Wormwood Detox Sauna Steam Pads help reduce swelling and inflammation in your body by helping it detox toxins with all-natural ingredients. It also helps soothe any pain and reduce swelling with its warming feature that provides 40 degrees heating for up to 5 hours. Making it the perfect natural remedy for any discomfort or aches.

Anita Saffitz showed us what her experience was like using the Ginger Anting Swelling Warming Foot Patch after 4 weeksThank you for sharing your success with our product!

"I was skeptical about the product at first, but I had nothing to lose and just gave it a shot. I have been dealing with problems in my lymph and it has made my feet swell up so much. Getting out of bed and walking was painful and hard to do. I'm pleasantly amazed and happy to report that after just 4 weeks of use that the swelling has reduced to almost completely gone. I'm forever grateful for your amazing product!"

Why We Need To Help Our Bodies Detoxify

Our organs help us detoxify our bodies but they can only do so much to get rid of the toxins. The usual diet isn't enough either. Our Organs can't completely remove all of the toxins and that's why our bodies need help to completely detoxify us from toxins, parasites, and other heavy metals that cause blockages in our systems which leads to the swelling of our feet and other parts of the body.

Foot reflexology is a treatment that’s been practiced for centuries. Traditional medicine has shown that our human bodies have just over 60 acupoints on the soles of our feet. Our Sauna Steam Pads can help target those points and aid in detoxificationaiding digestion and reduction of swelling throughout our bodies.

Do Foot Detox Pads Work? | Painful Feet

The 4 Best Natural Ingredients For Detox

Wormwood - One of the most nutrient-rich herbs believed to help the body detoxify by removing unwanted parasites from the body. It also aids in stimulating the digestive system

Ginger - Ginger has been proven to be an excellent antioxidant, that helps combat skin-damaging free radicals. It also helps reduce hunger which aids in weight loss.

Saffron - Saffron also has anti-oxidants that help flush out toxins and free radicals from our bodies. It also aids in eliminating oxidative stress from our bodies.

Play Grains - Adlay grains are a super grain that's able to regulate blood sugar, blood lipids, and blood pressure, to improve gastrointestinal physiology

The Function and Structure of Our Pads

Our foot pads are made of the best natural ingredients for detox and have a robust structure composed of the following:

  • Microporous Non-Woven FabricProvides a soft and breathable top layer for the foot pad
  • Heat Pack The layer responsible for the soothing warmth our detox pads provide. It gives a gentle 40 degrees of heating that stays warm for up to 5 hours. Constant warmth like a warm compress has been proven to help improve circulation in our bodies. Additionally, heat also stimulates our metabolism to speed up.

  • Natural Herbs PackThe all-natural layer that pulls away toxins from your body and releases them out. It's also responsible for remedying swelling and inflammation
  • Skin Friendly LayerThis layer is made from a comfortable material that ensures that you feel comfortable wearing the pads wherever you put them on your body
  • Elastic Sticky StrapsThe stick straps help keep the pads strapped onto your feet and other body parts to ensure maximum adhesion and effectivity.

Woodworm Extract

All of our detox pads come with one bottle of woodworm extract which is a potent concentrate that boosts the effects of our pads to become more effective. Just a few drops are enough to enhance the detox and relief capabilities of our detox pads which helps quickly reduce swelling and inflammation.

It also has wide application to address swelling and pain in even the other parts of your body! It's the ultimate all-in-one at-home remedy for inflammation and any health problems.

Our pads provide both reliefs for swelling and detoxification by attracting the impurities from your body and absorbing them until you're fully cleansed.

Here are some stories from our satisfied customers

“These pads worked like magic for me! They really helped detox my body because the swelling on my legs disappeared after a few weeks! No more heavy and painful steps! I also noticed that I was feeling a lot better and happier with myself and my body. I can easily say that they worked as they said they would. Five Stars!” - Ellie McIntyre

“So I found these Wormwood Detox Sauna Steam Pads and I was surprised by the results. Not only do I feel brand new and fully detoxified, but it also helped me get rid of the inflammation in my leg! Definitely buying more!” - Karlie Dickinson

How To Use:

  • Take the packet out of the box and take a pad out of a packet
  • Add a few drops of the Woodworm Extract Oil onto the pad
  • Apply pad on the sole of your feet or any desired area
  • Firmly press the pad onto the desired area so that it sticks


  • 1x Box of Wormwood Detox Sauna Steam Pads (6 Pads) includes 1x 3ml Wormwood Extract Oil 
  • Note: By Adding the wormwood extract oil the price is increased to 25 because the wormwood oil is very costly. The 30ml wormwood oil price is 150 USD. Kindly Don't mind.

What's in the Box:

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